HRIS Software


We offers a flexible and easy to use fully loaded HRIS Application for small and medium sized companies to facilitate all HR based roles using the centralised database of its employees. The Application provides various modules for personnel information management, employee self service, leave etc. The application makes it easy for HR department in managing the people. The consolidation of all these modules within one application makes it a perfect combination and builts up a healthy relationship between the management and the employees.

Admin Modules
The Admin module is where the HR Manager or other authorised personnel can perform all system administration tasks. This includes defining system users, company and other information that is required for the system. System Security are kept in mind in this module by defining user rights and permissions.

Leave Management
A complete leave management module, with various leave types defined . Employee's send requests & can view its status online. Being a web-based application it can be accessed at any point of time, it regulates all leave processes and superior actioning on the same. The superior remarks can be viewed by the employee.

Recruitment Module
We offers an easy to use Recruitment Module within the HRIS solution for addressing the internal manpower needs . The module starts with entering CVs into the system, Shortlisting of Candidates, Scheduling interviews, entering post interview details. The module also facilitites generating offer letters pre-printed with all the relevant data. The combination of this modules into one HRIS Application makes it a more effective and a completes the cycle from applicant to employee.

Performance (KRA) Module
An addon Plugin for Employee Appaisal System where KRAs are defined based on Employee Grades, and the count of KRA alloted to them. This module facilitates recording of Employee performance status.

Training for Developing Talent
An addition module for Corporates who conduct trainings for their employees on a reqular basis. It facilitates easy communication to all employees by displaying on their dash boards the schedule of Trainings .

IOM (Inter Office Memo)
This module helps in centralizing the communication between the employees and the management.