Audit and Compliance Management

Audit and Compliance Management

Our Audit and Compliance Management system or compliance audit system is a web based solution that helps carrying out the site Audits for labour law compliance and helps Auditors in presenting an effective high quality Audit Report.

The Audit and Compliance Management system helps carrying out the site Audits for labour law compliance by creating checklist as per various central and state level enactments for physical verification to escalate the non performance issues to the management. The Application helps in posting the findings gathered during Vendor Audits. The Audit Reports helps Decision makers know whether relevant laws and regulations are being complied with, whether they have achieved the desired results, and whether the accepted standards are being adhered to; and if not, what corrective action is necessary.

Audit and Compliance Management facilitates the Auditor in posting back the findings into the System and sharing it with client by giving the access view of the Application through an GUI interface. Thus the client can view the reports on a reqular basis thereby remaining posted and can track state of Compliance in his organization. It highlights areas where any of vendors are non-compliant. It helps Auditors prepare Compliance Audit Design Matrix.

Audit & Vendor Assessment The Audit and compliance Application supports the entire Audit process from Vendor Checklist, Scheduling an Audit, Audit Execution, including document management and thus providing a complete digital Vendor Report. Compliance Management The Audit and Compliance Management automates all steps in the compliance management process, tracking responsibilities and due dates of completion of pending tasks for legal and non legal compliance obligations. Various tasks connected to a compliance activity can be defined in the system. The system generates various Inspection Reports , Unit-wise Compliance Reports. Audit findings may also indicate the extend of non-compliance.

Acts and Forms Management

Applicable Acts and Forms as per State or Central Acts.

Organization Structure

Defining and recording various Client Location and Sites with employee count in the system.

Vendor Management

Defining Vendors for auditing with uploading of Statutory licenses.

Document Management System

Uploading of various Challans and other documents with its expiry dates.


Notification Alerts on Announcements for any industry is displayed on the Client dashboard.

Historic Audit report Generation

Various Audit Scheduling and Execution and maintaining historic Audit trails

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