ERP Applications


Enterprise Resource Planning is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. Automated workflow to ensure a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes. Our Business Intelligence functionalities gives overall insights on business processes and identify potential areas of problems/improvements.

ERP software is a tool that centralizes a company’s database of information, automates routine tasks and simplifies business processes. The end-goal in using this tool is to optimize operations and free up employee time so they can work on more instinctual tasks.

ERP Applications

Pre Sales Management

Managing Quotations, handling of Customer enquiries. The pre-sales process is the specific set of activities that lead up to new contract or acquiring a new customer, and keeps track of individual leads.

Distribution Management

Configure the workflow engine to automate complex processes involving multiple employees, with regional distributors and assigning customers to a region.

Sales Orders

ERP Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping, and invoicing. Setting up targets for Sales Person.Generation of Payment Advice.

Production Management

Dexter offers modules for generating bill of materials, details of product structure with Raw material procurement, generation of Job cards , Managing inventory with production planning.

User Management

Customized workflows for Employees with assigning user roles are defined . Ability for administrators to manage user access, and to keep mcheck on user logs.

Analytics & Reporting

Dexter provides businesses with variety of reports from multiple modules that eliminate the need to maintain spreadsheets and paper files. It provides Accurate and real-time status of any activity.

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