Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Management System -(RMS) - BULK HIRING SYSTEM

Recruitment Management System manages the organization's entire Talent Acquisition Process lifecycle, including sourcing, screening and Candidate Status. It is built to manage its Partners and its Staffing Agencies. It facilitates the staffing executives with a user-friendly , real-time portal with all the necessary tools that are needed to manage a Client's need.

Recruitment Management Application simplifies and automates many of the tasks and processes associated with candidate recruiting and hiring. The Applicant Tracking System allows each resume and candidate profile to be viewed electronically by all members of a recruiting team. This eliminates the need for paper resumes. Each module works together to streamline talent management operations. The application lets user schedule Client Drive Interviews and capture the SELECT/REJECT outcome of the interview. It provides the ability to specify the Joining and Completion of Confirmation periods of respective candidates for a particular Position.

recruitment management system
Recruitment Management Application provides numerous detailed MIS including the conversion rates, turn around times for each transition etc. It provides the ability to specify the Rate per Hire against each Requisition and provides dashboards for consultants / clients and partners to preview their projected revenues.

Client Assessment Processes

It provides modules for making a Pre Sale visit and noticing client request.

Position Requisition Request

The workflow of defining Postion Requisition with Job Description Upload, defining RPH (Rate per Hire)

Channel Partners

Signing up with various Channel partners and Co-ordinators. Providing system dashboards to Partner logins.

Scheduling Interview Drives

Scheduling of Client Drives of selected candidates with Mail Alerts.

Candidate Management System

Uploading and defining Candidate profiles with duplicate checks. The Candidate update status is viewed to the Recruiting team users.

Dashboards for Clients/Partners

Separate dashboards are provided for clients to view their requisition history and partners to preview their projected revenues. The system provides detailed MIS to Recruiters regarding the conversion ratios, turn around times for each Position.

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